Sunday, December 21, 2008

Snotty Sunday

The Bush family is currently battling the beast of snot. Noses are running and trying to stop from being attacked by the MOM WITH A TISSUE! How can so much grossness come from one so small?? I am praying that we will all be healthy again in time for Christmas, I don't want to have to change the words from "I'm dreaming of a Whie Christmas", to "I'm living a GREEN Christmas"...UGH! And not the environmental GREEN either (gross..gag..gross) I'm sure you all wanted to know about this too, which is why I felt the need to share the small details of my Snotty Sunday :)

*How do you make a tissue dance?*
**Put a little boogie in it!**

Yes, I am sleep deprived and am losing my mind. Stay tuned maybe I'll say something funny tomorrow. Or maybe I'll get sleep and the snot will go away..oh that would be nice! *Fingers crossed*

Enjoy all of your not snotty sunday, is it weird that I giggle every time I write snotty I am sick....


  1. hahaha....

    will keep fingers and toes crossed! HOPE you get some rest!

  2. awwww hope everyone gets better soon!

  3. lol I remember those days, when I was the sick little girl with my mom taking care of me. I remember we sat and blew my nose for almost 20 mins. I went through an entire box in about an hour. Nice, huh??

    This year I got the cold - and some how miraculously, no one else in the house has gotten it yet. I pray it stays that way!!!! :)

    I hope the snotty bug leaves your house ASAP!

  4. We are having that issue at our house too. My grandson had an emotional breakdown because Papa dared give him toilet paper intstead of tissue to wipe his nose. Hope you are all better soon.
    Merry Christmas. Hope it's White.

  5. I hate sick kids. When mine are ill they are PESTS!!!
    Now I love them dearly but when they are ill, I'm the one who gets the call. Hot-tie is normally as sick as them.
    Do not forget the carmex for the soon to be chaffed undernose!!!

  6. *heehee!* that made me laugh too! I remember asking my dad to teach me how to "honk" my nose when I blew it. good times.
    * ; )

  7. Ugh, I hope you all feel better soon! I hate snot. Nothing worse than a snotty christmas!

    Snots s'not funny. Sorry- your joke is much better!