Monday, June 15, 2009

To My Son..

My Dearest Nathen,

I know you are too little to read this right now because you are 2, but I wanted to write it anyway so that when you are older you can read this... I know the last few weeks have been very hard, I know it's tough having to go to a strangers house and be around other kids that you don't know for 9 hours a day. I promise it won't be this way forever. I miss you everyday you're there and I wish more than anything that you could be here with me, but I promise it won't be this way forever. I wish there was a way to help you understand and to make your days easier, hopefully in time it won't be so bad..I feel horrible, I hope you can forgive mommy for having to leave you and I hope I can forgive myself...I love you so much baby boy and I promise it won't be this way forever...

I love you Nate..


Wednesday, June 10, 2009


To all of you in bloggyland that left me such sweet comments and very good advice about how to find friends, you will never know just how appreciated you truly are in my book!

I have been MIA again, busy busy bee that I am these days! I got a job, started last week, it's a work from home telecommuting job and so far it's awesome! Nate has been sick for about a week now, he has the HORRIBLE FLU, vomit, fever, and poo oh my! I'm trying to keep it away from myself, but I can feel some of it starting to come on.


Thanks again everybody and I must depart to go do homework and then breathe! I'll be around again soon!!!