Wednesday, June 10, 2009


To all of you in bloggyland that left me such sweet comments and very good advice about how to find friends, you will never know just how appreciated you truly are in my book!

I have been MIA again, busy busy bee that I am these days! I got a job, started last week, it's a work from home telecommuting job and so far it's awesome! Nate has been sick for about a week now, he has the HORRIBLE FLU, vomit, fever, and poo oh my! I'm trying to keep it away from myself, but I can feel some of it starting to come on.


Thanks again everybody and I must depart to go do homework and then breathe! I'll be around again soon!!!



  1. Wow! New job (congrat!), a sick little boy(:, and homework, yikes you have full plate.

    Nice of you to drop in and catch up.

    Hope you don't get sick so you can keep plugging away!!

  2. I just found your blog from my friend Rachel's. Your blog is really cute!!!
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