Saturday, December 6, 2008

My boy sure can make me laugh

Grandma and Grandpa Bush sent Nate a really cute musical Christmas Card and as promised we caught him on camera opening it :)*please do not listen to my voice I wish I didn't sound like I was 5*

Also in the box of goodies was mark's old football jersey from high school and Nate loves it :)

Nate also LOVES bread, he's a carboholic just like his mommy...Yesterday I was reading my favorite blogs, Janana Bee, The Rambler, my best friend Marylin, and CGGB (I have alot more that I read, but I would be here forever listing them all, so those are my top 4 that I follow every single day ) and now that I have shamelessly plugged blogs for my bloggy friends I will get back to my story about Nate and Bread...hehe..while I was reading he was in the kitchen, nothing new, he usually runs from the kitchen to the living room and down the hall and back again, over and over and every now and then he'll pause to show me something, well...while I wasn't looking he decided to empty the bread bag and eat it all! That's no sandwich, it's just bread...hahaha...

Please don't look at the rug (and I know you will now) I washed it yesterday after I saw this picture....I don't notice stuff like this and I should..I'm horrible! Anywho, there are so many more things I could post that Nate does that he does just to make me laugh, he is my little jokester and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! He really does crack me up everyday..even when he's bein naughty...How do you get mad at a face like his? I know I know I'm a sap!


  1. OMG- that video is STINKING cute! Nate has the cutest laugh! Anyway, thanks for the bloggy love, my bloggy friend! - PS, I totally saw the chair of the chair and table set you were talking about. What can I say, great minds buy alike! :)

  2. I loved loved the video....Nate made me laugh when he started laughing. He was contagious! :)

    And your so not like 5...maybe more like 8? :) (I kid). I'd prefer to sound more like you than my nasal-ly butt!

    Thanks for the shoutout! Air Kiss, Air Kiss! (Both cheeks)

  3. His laugh cracked me up!

    Hey, thanks for visiting my blog! Come see me anytime!