Saturday, December 13, 2008

The Blog Frog!

So I learned about this from Little Bites of Heaven and decided to give it a try. It's an interesting site so far, some neat widgets to add to my overly crowded sidebar! I can't wait to change my blog around..any suggestions?? :) Anywho, go check out find your friends at and sign up for free and YOU could win a $200 Target Gift Card!! Unless of course I win, then maybe I'll buy you a present with it ;)


  1. I found this site Cutest blogs around (or something like that.) When you go to my page it's badge is in the top left corner....

    They have super cute stuff, plus easy to put in your layout, PLUS it's free. You might find something you like :)

    Going off to check your recomendation.

  2. cutest blog on the block is who I use for my blog backgrounds-they have so many to choose from and it is VERY easy to change your look it is all in a code that you add a gadget and input and BAM your blog gets a face;lift
    heres the link in case you dont have it