Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Say Bye-Bye to 2008 (can you tell I hang out with my son wayyyy too much?)

2008 held alot of ups and downs and I'm ready to kiss it good-bye and start fresh in 2009. After Christmas I kind of forgot that it was still 2008, I was already in the new year mode..haha..I guess that's because I haven't really celebrated New Years Eve in about 5 years. The first year Mark and I were together, well I should say within the first few days of us being together we were ringing in the New Year, sort of, he had to work that night at the bar he was a bouncer for, so I got all prettied up and perched on a bar stool until he got off :), we were a whole 9 days into our relationship..I was devoted :)..After that I don't think we ever really did anything for New Years..Oh well, not a big deal to me, the holidays are over and a fresh start is just what this family needs :).

I decided not to do any resolutions this year, it's sort of a waste to me because I never stick to them, I do however have goals :) (not the same thing, I don't care what you say!). I will be starting school in 11 days! I have already started my healthy eating habits and since I have the Wii Fit to kick my booty I've already started my weight loss goal! So THERE! Hehehe..

I don't know about you, but I always feel a teeny tiny bit of hope at the start of a new year, it's as though there are a million possibilities ahead. I don't regret or feel that I wasted any of the last year and that is a great feeling :). I'm so proud of my boy for all the things he's learned and continues to learn. My daughter also accomplished a great deal this past year and is turning into quite the young lady! My husband got a promotion and finally loves his job and all before he'd been there a year! I learned how to be more patient and take one day at a time. I also learned how to breathe, I didn't know before that I wasn't...

Ok I'm done rambling about 2008 :) Happy New Year my family and friends! See ya next da bum bum..hehe...


  1. Yes...very awesome that we do think alike :)Although I wasn't sure how to spell it out? er, oh well. Liked your way better.

    Happy New Years to you and your gang!

  2. Happy New Year to you! It's nice that you are starting the year with a fresh spirit. Good luck to your school and weight loss goal. Have a very happy year ahead! I am wishing you a fruitful year and I am looking forward to your future posts. :)

  3. Happy New Year!!

    I love the Wii fit! My hips have been hurting from doing the hula hoop!

    We CAN do IT!!!!