Saturday, December 20, 2008

I'm a WINNER and Now go Enter this fabulous GIVEAWAY!

I never win anything until TODAY! I won a $25 gift card today just for following a great blog! My prize supplier is Kalei at Bloggedy Blog Blog , she is also the Rambler's sister :). She has a really great blog so please stop by and say hello and become a follower!! Thanks Kalei!!! :) Woohoo!!!

Ok so since I won something today I'm trying my luck with this great giveaway that my bloggyland friend Sandy has recommended, so go check out POOBA for your chance to WIN THIS....


  1. I am so flattered. You deserve it! The hand of "C" is on your side...=) I am gonna have another raffle in January...I think. I will have to convince some people in some very high places to give me some prizes....I am up for the challenge though. good luck on the next prize!