Friday, December 26, 2008

Did I miss it?

Christmas went well this year, having my uncle here was so fun for not just me, but my husband and son enjoyed him as well. The best part for me this year was Nathen's face when he woke up Christmas morning and saw all the presents under the tree, he was so excited and just exuberant, his little eyes twinkled and I wished at that moment that I could bottle that feeling and save it for later. We opened presents and watched the Disney Christmas parade (which I had never seen before) and it was so beautiful, makes me want to go to Disney World now for Christmas. There was a performance by David Cook during the parade that brought me to tears and made me miss my family and mom and grandma so much I almost couldn't breathe, so instead of dwelling on the pain I let his voice take me away...This video is from his performance at the Rockefeller Center

I asked the question "Did I miss it?" because I feel as though part of me hasn't been present for the Holiday season this year, I feel a bit guilty because I was dreading so much the emotions that this time of year brings up in me, that I feel as though I shut down for about 90% of it, I didn't grasp the full Christmas spirit until yesterday, and I knew by then it was too late. I did my best and I am happy that my son enjoyed himself, I can't wait til he can actually understand the meaning of the Holidays and not just presents. So, I hope that all of you enjoyed yourselves and that the coming new year will bring us some peace and happiness :)

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  1. That's a beautiful song. I'm sorry you were so sad this Christmas, but I am glad you managed to enjoy it at the end. I am giving you a big cyber-hug right now!