Sunday, December 28, 2008

A Better Place and The Twilight Movie

My brain seems to be in a better place today, I was reading some of my last posts and they have been on the somewhat bleak side, sorry about that. I am happy today, I went to the movies last night for the first time since living here in AZ with another person, my friend/tattoo artist! It was my first girls night out in months, and the other girls night outtings had all required me to travel to Las Vegas, don't get me wrong I LOVE GOING HOME to see my friends and family, but it gets a little expensive to drive that far just for a few hours of movie did we see, you may be asking? TWILIGHT, yes I surrendered to the part of me that just had to see EDWARD CULLEN (Robert Pattinson) on the big screen. So, did I like it? **Warning- BIG SPOILERS TO COME, IF YOU DON'T WANT TO KNOW STOP READIN HERE**

Here is what I did like about it:

1.Robert Pattinson and Robert Pattinson

2.The super hilarious scenes, i.e. Bella falling (reminded me of myself), Bella "dancing" with Edward with a cast on (he was supposed to be dancing the both of them ya know her feet on top of his, but she's in a cast and poor Robert pattinson just looked awkward)
3.Robert Pattinson dipped in Glitter/Diamonds
4.The scenery-I'm seriously contemplating moving to where they shot this movie, it's THAT beautiful
5.James. Laurent and Victoria- they were portrayed beautifully.
6. Bella's truck
Here is what I didn't like:
1. Kristen Stewarts performance as Bella, she really didn't capture my attention the way she should have and her chemistry with Edward Cullen was BLAH, there was no passion AT ALL from her. Any emtoion she was supposed to portray just fell flat, even at the end when she was begging Edward not to leave her, her supposed to be hysteria was not even Tantrum material.
2. The boy who played Jasper was HORRENDOUS! His face throughout the whole movie had my in hysterics, he looked CONSTIPATED, seriously it was so bad I wanted to give him an Ex-Lax to help him relax.
3. The girl that played Rosalie-Ummmmmmmmm, so not pretty. I mean according to the books Rosalie is supposed to be a KNOCK OUT, this girl was anything but, Bella is supposed to be plain compared to her, well Kristen outshined her for sure.
4. Carlisle- yea, was all wrong.
5. I liked Emmett, but he should have been bigger :)
6. Hated Robert Pattinson's face he made when Bella walks into the classroom for the first time, he looked like he was going to vomit, he even put his hand over his mouth and made his eyes bulge, he needed a trash can.
7.Hated his facial expressions when he was trying to hard to have emotion
8.The so-called super speed, frankly it could have been done ALOT better
9.All the plot lines that were NOT IN THE BOOK, that is what frustrated me the most, they deviated from the book SOOOOOOO much that I was at one point confused because they would use dialog from the book but it didn't correspond with what was going on.
10. The boy who plays Jacob Black looked like he was wearing a really BAD WIG, that was also very distracting.

I could keep going, but replaying it my mind is upsetting's the thing, I did enjoy myself in spite of all the screw ups, I feel bad for the Author, did she not have any say at all at how her book would be portrayed on the Big Screen? I know also that they had a very low budget to work with so maybe that was why they did what they did and also when it comes to books turned movie I tend to be a snob, BUT I really feel that they didn't do the story justice and I hope with all of my heart that the second one is done much better.
So there is my official review of Twilight-The Movie, my review of the books is THEY ARE UNREAL (in a really good way!). I am reading them for the second time and I love how it takes me to another place.
Today is also my mom's birthday (or would have been), I am actually ok, I know she's in a better place and is more than likely hanging out with Jerry Garcia! I'm jealous! :) I am also doing a countdown to when my best friend is coming to visit which is in 6 DAYS!! Woohoo! Ok off to be productive before Mark leaves me for being a bad wife..hehe...Happy Sunday! And Happy Birthday MOM! I miss you and I love you! Tell dad, grandmas and grandpas hi for me :)


  1. Happy B-day to your mom as well. Maybe our parents are having some kind of cocktail up there together, scratching their heads at the "blog" thing :)

    Still haven't read or seen Twilight....I'm holding out. :) Maybe another year and I'll do it.

    Excited for your BFF coming!

  2. Ah, you have so many good points in this post!!

    I, too, hated Jaspers face....I loved Emmet though.

    I hear it gets better the more you see it.

    Even though it wasn't "exactly" like the book it was pretty true to it. I liked it a lot!!

  3. ok, so I'm reading the first Twilight book now, so I didn't read the entire post, thanks for the spoiler warning. Also, thank you for your kind comment on our blog!

    Remember that this is your blog, for your thoughts and feelings. I think that we all become friends of sorts in the blogosphere, and I certainly don't expect my friends to always be happy and entertaining. Sometimes, they just need to let out all of the sad stuff.... but, I hope that you are starting to feel better...