Monday, November 30, 2009

Did you know?

That Christmas is 25 days away? When I was little my mom would get me an advent calendar to count down the days and every night after dinner I would get to open one of the squares and eat the candy inside as I learned how to count down the days to my favorite Holiday. I am thinking of starting that tradition with my boy, not this year, but next.

Today is Cyber Monday and I don't know about you, but I for one am all about shopping online and not standing in line.

I went to 2 stores on Black Friday, PetSmart for dog food (I know..LOOKOUT, big spender on the loose!) and then right next door is Costco which had given out some awesome coupons to all of their members, so I took advantage of one of the sale items (and I wish I could share what it is that I bought, but it is a Christmas present for Mark), anywho, the line for Costco was absolutely ridiculous and wrapped almost all the way around Petsmart.

Did I stand it? NO way! I went and wandered around Petsmart and listened to the super annoying sales clerk at the front door (passing out coupons) tell EVERY person that walked in how the people in the Costco line were going to be killed because some of them were standing in the street and how it's so dangerous to be standing there because people drive to fast in the parking lot (unless you are a blind person driving, no way would you miss the HUGE crowd of people).

After purchasing my 40lb bag of dog food, I went out to my truck, drank my Starbucks Peppermint Mocha and waited for the line to go away. I was in and out of Costco in 8 minutes! I did witness the craziness of people frenzied by the coupons, people pushing, shoving and glaring at one another over a freakin TV or Ipod (the deals were good, but not THAT good).

So, this brings me back to today, I have already purchased my own Birthday present (thank you Mark) from Bath and Bodyworks, free shipping and 20% total purchase price. I am now going to shop at Kohl's and Target, my fingers are getting the work out today!

Happy shopping today online!

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