Friday, November 6, 2009

It's My Thursday

For everyone else (that works a M-F job), today is your Friday, symbolizing the start of, I'm sure a much needed, weekend. For myself, today is my Thursday, because I have funky split days off, tomorrow is my Friday and Sunday is my Saturday and then Monday is my Friday again, and then Tuesday is my Sunday..somehow that sounded much better in my head? Anywho, I get to start packing this weekend, where are we going you might ask? Honestly, we have no idea, we just have A LOT of stuff that needs to be thrown away, I mean boxed up :-). So, that is my task to go through all the crap, I mean stuff, and box, box, box away. I'm beginning to see a trend in my life, I am but a simple nomad, I should start carrying my stuff in a shell on my back, but I guess t hen that would make me a hermit crab right?

All I know is that I seem to move every 2 years or so and wherever we go next I hope we get to stay there for a while.

Did you all know that it's November? I mean really? Where did this year go? I feel like the days just keep going by faster and faster and I am so not ready for any Holiday festivities. Anyone know of any good holiday music that will help me get in the "mood" for Christmas? I'm open to any and all suggestions!

Happy Friday everyone! TGIT for me....hahahahaha..ok, yea that was lame.... :)

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  1. I hate moving too. In our early years of our marriage we moved 6 times in the first 6 years, yep it sucked!