Sunday, November 29, 2009

I'm angry

I have to get this off of my chest before I run screaming to the State Legislature's office!

My hubs has been unemployed since September 9, almost 3 months now, of that 3 months he has received 6 weeks worth of unemployment benefits, for the first month he got nothing because of his severance pay.

The state decided that his severance money was enough to help us and then the measley 200 a week would help, in the mean time we've lost our credit, our house, our truck, our sanity!

I am so grateful for Indiana right now I could kiss the ground there!

As for the state of Arizona, they can suck it! They decided that this week my hubs isn't allowed to file a claim for benefits, no reason given, he still has plenty of money in benefits to last all the way until September 2010, I have been reduced to part time hours so what the F are we supposed to do now?

He doesn't start working until January and oh did anyone realize it's freaking Christmas time!

The State of AZ just did a giant budget cut for DES (Department of Economic EFFFING JOKE), the brilliant minds of this government cut the childcare help for families and other departments funding to pull AZ out of a hole, yet we were just given bailout money..soo..ummmm where did that money go?? This is beyond ridiculous.

I wonder how the big wigs in the government can sleep at night??

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  1. You poor thing. Keep looking forward to January and maybe see if there is any other assistance with AZ that hasn't been pulled out from underneath your feet. That is just awful, just awful.