Thursday, November 12, 2009

Bitter Sweet

With this new adventure comes a sadness too... The house we are in was our first real home that was supposed to be ours for the next 20 years (the life of the Now, we are losing this home to foreclosure/bankruptcy, along with my truck. I am beyond grateful for our new opportunity and am chalking up our losses to another life lesson... I think I will take a walk down memory lane later in the week, for right now I just want to keep focused on all the good that's in store and going on right now!

So on that happy note, I bought WINTER clothes yesterday, for the first time ever! I bought a WOOL PEACOAT! I have been jonseing for Peacoat for foreeevvvverrr!! Now I finally have a place to wear one! Ok I'm overdoing it with exclamation points tonight :). Now I just need some snow boots, sweaters and scarves and I'll be all set! Old Navy here I come (again)......hehe...

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