Sunday, November 8, 2009

Good Bye Toys

Well it's more like good bye to one toy....this one...

Yes, we sold the bike this was a sad day, not as sad as when we sold the Harley, but still a sad day.

So many changes so fast, I long for a quiet period in time where we don't have to wonder or worry about what bill to pay and what not to pay...

Well, at least we have our sense of humor! Nate provides a daily dose of "nate humor", he is quite the ham these days and his new favorite saying is "hey, look at me!" followed by a dance, a cartwheel, a sommersault, a song or a monstrous growl with his hands hooked like claws...he mimicks every animal and any bug that makes a sound, Bees are currently his favorite! He's our sanity even when he's driving us crazy!

Thank GOD for this boy...

1 comment:

  1. Little ones always make the tough times a little easier or at least they lighten up the stress!!! And he is a cutie pie:)