Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Today Mark embarked on an adventure all by himself to a state that will not be named for a something that will not be talked about for fear of a jinx, sooooo...that left me and my little man to hang out all day, ALONE! For two months now it has been the three of us all day everyday. I miss Mark, when he's gone it really puts into perspective how much Nate and I really love having him around, ok so sometimes Nate more than me..but you know husbands have a way of on occassion getting under your skin, just a little bit....right?


I'm alone in this?

So for my day with Nate we woke up bright and early, ate some cereal, watched some Scooby Doo (8 episodes) and then went to rent the Disney movie "Up!" and a movie for mom, "The Ugly Truth", hilarious by the way, but totally predictable. "Up" was great, Nate now wants our house to float in the sky with balloons and a talking dog! Everyday that little man says something new that makes me wonder where the heck he gets things from? Oh, well, wait a sec..maybe he gets things from me? Hmmmmm going to have to work on some ummm choice words... maybe that'll be my goal tomorrow, create a better language for my boy..lol..

Speaking of tomorrow I have 2 choices, work with Nate here at home orrrrrr....take the day off and not work? Orrrrr.....take Nate to daycare and then come back and work? What's a girl to do????

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