Monday, December 7, 2009

6 More Days

Of the Arizona sun...This Sunday my son and I will be departing to Michigan, where (in case you haven't heard) it has been snowing.. A LOT.. my boy is EXTREMELY excited for the snow, he has never experienced the snow, but he's seen pictures and movies and thinks he's going to have a grand ole time, which I'm sure he, well as long as I can keep my feet dry I will be a happy camper!

It's December, but it doesn't feel like it to me, usually around this time I would already have my house decorated and the tree decorated and I would be making cookies everyday and fudge and corn flake wreaths and no-bake cookies and sugar cookies to frost....not this year, I'm leaving all that to my in-laws and I am going to do my best not to stress out. You see me and Christmas haven't been getting along for a few years now. I do my very best to make it a happy time for my children and loved ones, but on the inside I am usually crying my insides out (and occassionally, the crying is on the outside too just when nobody is looking).

I miss my family. I miss my mom, I miss my grandma, I miss my cousins, I miss my grandpa, I miss my aunt and uncles, I miss my friends, I miss being happy at this time of year. I want so badly to recapture that joy, and I know eventually I will ( keep saying this every year).

Right now, just for today this is who I miss the most...
Grandma, Aunt M and my mom

My grandma and me (1 yr old)

Top (my dad -age 2, my grandpa-age 30)

Bottom (my mom and dad- ages 22 and 24, my grandma, my dad and grandpa- ages 25, 4 and 28)

Dad (long hair), grandpa and uncle

My mom and dad Sept. 1977


  1. I know on the west sid they got a lot of snow, but we only have one inch here! Have fun visiting with family!

  2. I can't wait to get to Arizona and you can't wait to get out my way, to the Mid West! I grew up in the Mid West and loved it. Your little boy will love it too. I always loved the four seasons and snow at Christmas, along with Snow Days from school!!! Now, I have hit the age where I would rather skip it, I don't mind the cold or even the snow but I do miss the sun. Where I live we have a lot of gray days and those are a killer, they just get to you.

    The Holidays are hard when your loved ones are not with you to share them. Enjoy your memories, share your memories and create great new memories with the loved ones with you now!!

    P.S. I noticed you have an Eclipse counter up, you guys are funny with the Twilight Series!! So, did you love New Moon I heard it was way better than Twilight. Well, I hope that Eclipse does even better, they have such great fans and you guys deserve quality stuff!!!!