Thursday, December 17, 2009


My Birthday
I have been in Michigan now for 4 days and am LOVING it! I think the midwest suits me just fine! I dig the cold weather and love the beauty of the snow, driving in it..well I haven't experienced that yet, and not looking forward to it! Thank goodness it doesn't snow very much in Indiana :)...

Today is my 31st Birthday, I am officially in my 30's, there's no turning back..not that there ever what was the world like 31 years ago....Let's take a look shall we...

The Grateful Dead played at the Fox Theater in Atlanta, GA and their set list was:

Jack Straw

They Love Each Other

Mama Tried

Mexicali Blues



Stagger Lee

New Minglewood Blues

Brown Eyed Women

Music Never Stopped

I Need a Miracle


Good Lovin'

Ramble on Rose

From the Heart of Me

Estimated Prophet

Eyes of the World


Shakedown Street

Sugar Magnolia

Johnny B. Goode
Look back at the Britannica Calendar of Events to find out what happened in the year 1978:

December 17, 1978 - Israel and Egypt failed to sign a peace treaty within the three-month period they had imposed upon themselves at the conclusion of the Camp David summit talks. The two sides had not met since November 16 because neither was willing to compromise on certain issues. Israel, for example, was unwilling to sign an agreement permitting elections that would establish autonomy for Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza Strip before the end of 1979. Egypt, on its part, would not agree that a peace treaty with Israel would have priority over all other agreements it had already reached with other, notably Arab, countries. (source: The Britannica Archive)
And of course the mmost obvious....I was born :).....oh and it snowed in Las Vegas, NV!!

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