Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Busy Bee :)

Easter 2010
Me and my girls!

Nathen enjoying Spring!

Me, Nathen and Elissa

Me and my sweet girl!

So here it is May 4th and again I slacked off on keeping my bloggyland friends updated. For the most part I have just been insanely busy...School, Elissa's visit, Inlaws visit, playdates every week and still potty training Nate! Also, I have been forced to completely change my diet due to health problems, not diabetic, but I'm allergic to dairy, and have high cholesterol, and can not seem to lose thanks to my thyroid becoming even more underactive! But I will say that my diet (gluten/dairy/soy/sugar/wheat/red meat free) has made me feel a thousand times better! Getting rid of all the processed crap makes a huge difference! Oh and I learned how to mow my yard!!! Hehehehe..here are some pics from the last few months! :0)

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