Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Where am I? Who are you? How did you get here?

Sometimes that's what runs through my head in the morning when I look in the mirror....Am I slowly losing my mind (well, I think that's been established)....Some days though the questions follow me around begging me for answers and I tell them that I have none, I am just me, I got this point in my life, by a series of decisions and choices (the same thing?). Every now and then I can hear my grandma's voice, follow the right will I know I'm on the right path....because the right path is sometimes full of potholes? There are always going to be questions and I will almost always be trying to find answers, like this one...what is it about a death sentence that makes someone get a life sentence? Why is it that someone has to be dieing to start living? That one plagued me last night at 3:30 am, no idea where it came from..(welcome to a part of my brain).

So, I keep seeing these posts in bloggyland about Wordless Wednesday or Wordful Wednesday, maybe I'll just call it Wordy Wednesday (for some reason I think I can see TTMVM's brain turning that into Woody, people post a picture to let the pic do the talking, I am not able to do that so I'll just ramble and then post a picture....


  1. That picture is great!

    I'm not good with wordless stuff either:)

  2. I can't do wordless either...

    That photo cracked me up!!!!

  3. Great pic, so cute! I agree wordless wednesday is rarely wordless! And hey I would love to see Tattooed Minivan Mom to start a woody wednesday!

  4. Too cute!

    And see you didn't even need to describe that pic!