Tuesday, March 24, 2009

My education

I am beginning to see why people have an almost negative view of taking college courses online...While I am having quite a bit of success, I am finding that my instructors and fellow students are hard for me to relate too. I am all for everyone having different views and opinions, but I am not ok with using the school as a way to promote your "spiritual writings about how to cure gambling addictions", esepcially when it has nothing to with the course and I am not ok with having an instructor that can't form complete sentences or provide adequate feedback. I am paying a lot for an education where I am basically teaching myself.

I'm frustrated because in this learning environment it's all about communication and when there's a breakdown or failure to communicate properly it makes it hard for me to stay motivated. I know my attitude is really blah right this minute so maybe it's just a bad day.....


  1. Is there someone at the school you can talk to about the lack of actual teaching?

    I've thought about doing online courses but most people I know lack the motivation to finish them. I guess because you're not "going" somewhere they don't take it as seriously.

  2. I can imagine that would be difficult, especially since you can't meet with your teachers to talk about this face-to-face.