Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Who knew?

I am just as surprised as all of you by Mark's post, you live with someone for 5 years, you go along thinking you know almost everything about them and then they blog one day and all this stuff comes out that I never knew he felt. What an interesting experience this has been. Eye opening really :). Who knew? Maybe I can get hime to post more often..hehe..although i don't want to create a monster, I'm bad enough..haha..

Thanks for your sweet words Mark. Love you.


  1. I just finished reading Mark's post! It was great:)

  2. I linky loved you for todays for Think About Day...:)

  3. Marks post was really sweet. he did awesome. Amazing that our guys can still surprise us, LOL reading about Vegas made me miss home tho. My dad retired there form the air force and that was the longest place we stayed put anywhere. It is now home.