Monday, January 5, 2009

How to have fun at 30?...have lots of good FOOD..and laugh til it hurts your face!

My best friend and her 11 month old son arrived Friday at 9 am, ironically enough neither of us had slept the night before..we were literally ZOMBIES, it was quite hilarious. My favorite memory from that day will be of her sitting on the ground with our boys playing with Hot Wheels and smashing them together, making the *bakoosh, skoosh* crashing sound....while in a very dazed state :). Needless to say Friday was spent being lazy and making a run to WalMart.
Saturday was a little better, both of us were pretty rested so I decided to take her to the Tucson Botanical Garden...well when we got there a wedding was about to start and there was nothing Botanical about the place..just cacti everywhere, that's Tucson for ya, desert all the way! So, instead of hanging out there we went to Target and then to Cracker Barrel. Now I have NEVER been to the Cracker Barrel, but I will tell you that I am now in love with it, seriously it is COMFORT FOOD HEAVEN! We had so much fun walking around the little shop and playing with the toys and laughing at all the Old fashioned candy that they sell, I'll be going there from now on for all my gifts for people :).

For dinner that night she made US fabulous tostadas, when I say fabulous I mean sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo tasty! Makes my mouth water just thinking about them they were that good! We stayed up fairly late talking and laughing about stuff you guys would probably think is way silly, but all I have to say is FISTS? REALLY!!!! *inside joke*..hehehehe

Sunday dawned nice and rainy, so while she was ambitious and went for a run, I parked my butt on the recliner and pretty much stayed there all day! My husband grilled some steaks for dinner and after we stuffed ourselves, she forced me to take her to Cold Stone Creamery, for of course the BEST ICE CREAM ever! *have you noticed a food theme..hehe..* (what can I say, food brings people together..haha)

I dropped her off at the airport today and once I was back in my truck had a nervous breakdown cause I already miss her so much! It's really hard being away from my home town, as great as it was to have her here, it felt like the time just flew by too fast and it's always bittersweet when you have to say see you later.

One of the greatest parts about her visit was getting to see our boys play together, Nate has never been around someone smaller than him and he was soooo hilarious to watch, he LOVED having James here, finally someone to play with! Nate was very good at policing James, he made sure that james didn't eat the wrong things and was somewhat a sharer. Here are a few fun pics of the boys!

I'll be posting more pics another time since she has the ones of she and I on her camera! *Thank you Marylin for spending the weekend with my family and my crazy self, maybe I will get to take a vacation from my brain soon?!* Love ya*


  1. Cold Stone Creamery is the!!

    Sorry you're missing her....but sounds like ya'll had a blast while she was there!!!

  2. Spending time with girlfriends is priceless. Its great to be around someone who totally gets you.

    By the way... you've won an award on my blog.....

    (word verification? winible...hehehe)

  3. I'm just stopping by from sits to say hello. i'm glad you had a great visit with your friend!

  4. I miss you too! My hubby and girls were happy to see me though so that was a good feeling to have been missed here! We really need to see each other more often! Start your vacation now and just RELAX!! :) You will never be in more control than when you let go!! Hey that was a good one I should have put quotes around it :) and seriously no "Fists" over here NO WAY!! hee hee Love ya

  5. awwww sounds like you had a great time together!

  6. awwww....God Bless best friends.

    Hugs to you!