Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A New Day

Barack Obama is our president. I must say that even though part of me has turned conservative over the years, watching this election unfold the way it did and watching the faces last night in all the different parts of the country, it felt like the whole country was holding a breath and when Obama won there was this huge sigh of relief and hope surged through the country. I know that Senator McCain could have done a great job as president, there was something about him though that just didn't create the hope that I saw last night. I don't know how to explain it, I listened to President Obama's speech after he won and I was crying, I couldn't help it, it's the first time I have ever felt emotion for any kind of political candidate. Most of the time when thinking of politics I would get But now, it's different, President Obama represents a change, a HUGE change, he's the first black man to be President of the FREE world! I mean who would've thought, I know when I was growing up I was told you can be president some day, a woman in the Whitehouse seemed far fetched and to have a man of color (trying to be pc :p) was beyond anyone's thinking and now here we are. Amazing..simply amazing. I am hopeful and I feel like the country is actually United again. I hope I hope I hope that he will take us where we need to go and that the country will continue to stand together and say "Yes We Can!"


  1. So not on the same page! He is not even verified to have been born in the US. 48 percent of the country did not vote for Mr. Obama so to me there are just about as many people who did not vote for him as those that did. Him being elected makes me more nervous for our Country than ever before, I pray that he will not be as bad as I think he will be but I can't handle all the hysteria that has gone on with him, people act as if he is the Savior and it makes me ill! McCain would not have been my most favorite Republican Candidate but he was in my "humble" opinion MUCH more qualified to do the job! Just my two cents.

  2. So it is funny to get into political discussions with people because everyone reacts sooo differenty and it is such a sensitive subject to most people. Me, I come from a family where everything is discussed and it is just enjoyable to hear what everyone has to say because everyone has different things that they focus on so we can all usually be enlightened. Katlyn however is the most educated, (next to my mom,) on the whole issue of government. She is sooo intelligent it is amazing! My opinion has been more difficult to form this election term because for a long time I was very undecided. When I looked at logistics and what the candidates would do for me Obama was the best choice, but I couldn't see myself voting for him. While I definately am excited to see a country full of patriotism right now I am even more hopeful that it continues. Regardless of my feelings about Obama being president I definately think he has gotten and will get more people involved in service to our country then McCain could have. My personal opinion is that some people who support Obama would not have been willing to support McCain. So it is better to see what will come of that then to have started more divided in the first place. The Democrats finally have their day in the sun. They have control of the house and the senate so lets just see what happens. Obama has written two books so I am interested in reading them and finding more out about him.