Thursday, November 20, 2008

29 going on 13...

It seems that I am going back in time these days, I'll be turning 30 next month and yet my insides feel as though I'll be turning 13! By the way Twilight, completely obsessed with it! So much so that I went and ordered the entire BOX Set yesterday and had shipped overnight so that I wouldn't have to wait and buy one at a time, what can I say the saga appeals to my inner teen!

All day long I have had my front door open waiting to see the beautiful brown UPS truck pull into my drive way, which just did about 30 seconds ago, I probably gave the poor guy a heart attack as I came running, YES I SAID RUNNING, out of my front door to grab the box from his hands! He looked at me like I had 2 or 3 heads, but I don't care, I am that excited about these books! So now that I got them, I can calm down and read them! They really are quite pretty though, all hardbacks with beautiful slipcovers, I love BOX sets! :)

Ok so off I go, back into the Twilight world! :)


  1. Awesome. Been trying NOT to get on this bandwagon, but my entire staff seems hooked and the books are floating around and I don't think I can ignore it....I may have to succumb to the madness :)

  2. Still not on the bandwagon but maybe in a few years! I have still never read any of the Harry Potter books maybe when I forget what happens in the movies, which at my age is not far off :) Glad you are enjoying them though reading is a great hobby!!