Saturday, November 29, 2008

An interesting Thanksgiving

This Thanksgiving dawned cold and rainy, fitting my mood, I was not in a very Thanksgiving-y place this year, missing my family and friends in Vegas and all that...anywho, Wednesday night I had decided to get a jump start on the baking and made the pies and Mark made the Green Bean Casserole, all that was left was the turkey, potatoes and stuffing..oh and the gravy. Put the turkey in around 10 am and watched football for a few hours.....the turkey cooked faster than we anticipated so around 1:30 it was a mad dash to get everything else I was preparing the stuffing and gravy, Mark was warming up the greenbean dish, not wanting the turkey to overcook, we decided to take it out of the my mind things still happen very slowly, I remember picking Nate up so he would be out of the way, Mark grabbed the oven mits, opened the oven....began to lift the turkey out and next thing I know I'm paralized watching FLAMES shoot out of my oven and LICK the top of the stove....Mark was quick and slammed the oven door shut, extinguishing the flames, but not before smoke escaped and invaded the whole house..the turkey was fine, we were fine, stove and oven were fine...sadly my gravy didn't make it and the wasn't the best that I had made...all in all it was a very interesting Thanksgiving, and another thing to add to my thankful list...I'm Thankful we still have a house :)

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  1. Wow, I'm glad you still have a house! That is why I don't make thanksgiving dinner- we travel. Luckily our family lives close enough to do that. Nice graphic by the way!