Sunday, September 28, 2008

A wonderful family weekend!

This weekend my Uncle Sam (my dad's brother) drove up from his new home in New Mexico to share his 60th Birthday with us. We were so happy to have him here, I made him a very yummy spaghetti dinner and we topped the birthday off with even yummier homemade carrot cake cupcakes :). He claimed it to be the "best 60th birthday dinner ever!" and I quote :).

The next day he took us out to dinner at CHili's and Nate made a girlfriend through the glass partition, I wish I had remembered to bring the camera these two babies were too cute, they both kept standing up and looking at each other and giggling and waving and if one sat down the other would stand on tip toes to try to see the other, I asked Nate if he thought she was cute and he said "Uh-Huh!" and then giggled and turned red! So sweet!!! He was really good at the restaurant, sometimes its hit and miss with him, but with the little beauty keeping him distracted and unbored he was on his best behavior! Maybe he was trying to impress her..hehe..

Nate also took to his Great Uncle really quickly, by the end of last night he was hugging and hanging out with him without prompting. It was so awesome being able to hang out with my Uncle, I learn so much from him about my dad and what he was like growing up, it's a blessing to me to have that knowledge.
Today was a lazy day as is usually every Sunday, football and naps or now its Football and go out into the heat and take a walk, I keep hoping that maybe I can bring the Fall temps faster if I go out and communicate to Mother Nature that we are done with 100 degree weather :) and to please make it nicer so we can walk more and actually ENJOY it :).

So with that I conclude my tale of this weekends events. Some cute pictures to enjoy :)

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  1. What a party! I miss you, and I love the picture of you and Nate with his mouth open!