Saturday, September 13, 2008

Happy Birthday Brit!!

To my dear sweet wonderful cousin Brittany...Happy Birthday to you! Photobucket

I truly hope your day is a wonderful one and I love you and miss you very much!! So in honor of your 23 years on earth here is what makes you so special...To me..

23. You were born! :)

22. You are one of the sweetest people I've ever known

21. You are a great listener

20. You have a wonderful sense of humor

19. You make everyone around you smile

18. You are beautiful inside and out

17. You love without conditions

16. You never judge

15. You're stubborn :)

14. You have wonderful values and morals

13. You're talented

12. You can laugh at yourself :)

11. You can DANCE!

10. You're a great MOM to little Jakers!!

9. You're a great sister!

8. You're a wonderful wife to Ricky

7. You inspire others (especially me) to be better people

6. You're more intelligent than you give yourself credit for

5. You love to share the Gospel :)

4. You're an inspiration for moms everywhere to get skinny! :)

3. You're an awesome Pilates instructor

2. You are my cousin and best friend

1. You are one of life's rays of sunshine in a world that can be dark sometimes

So Thank you to your mom and dad for creating such a wonderful woman, I am so proud to call you family and friend :) Love you Britt!!!


  1. I agree! She is a wonderful lady!!

  2. You are pretty much the sweetest thing ever! That was incredible thoughtful and it almost made me cry! Thanks for making me feel so special! Love you!