Sunday, October 5, 2008

Colds and an ear infection...blah :(

So this last week has been one of the hardest with Nate, last Monday after a walk outside he got a stuffed up nose and watery eyes, it was pretty windy so I thought maybe its just allergies, no such luck! My poor boy ended up with a very nasty cold, his nose was so stuffed that the only way he'd sleep is if either myself or Mark was holding him in a mostly sitting position, so after 5 days of only 2-3 hours of sleep a night for me and after doing everything I could possibly think of to alleviate his discomfort i.e. plugging in a vicks vaporizing outlet, rubbing vicks on his chest, giving him saline drops in his nose and trying to sucker everything out (which was SO fun!-NOT!), taking him into the steamy bathroom, giving him Benadryl once- which didn't work, NOTHING was working so I called my pediatrician and spoke to the nurse, at this point he was running semi-high fevers every 4-6 hours so she said sounds like an ear infection and sure enough it is! Good old antibiotics, he is now doing about 98% better and sleeping soooooo much better! But alas I now feel as though I have caught the cold portion of his sickness, since ear infections aren't contagious! Keeping my fingers crossed..maybe its just allergies?! :)

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  1. Everything you do, I do! haha it sounds like family remedies passed on from Grandma. I hate sick kids. It should only get better right?