Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Why do I?

Why do I care so much about what other people think of me? Is it human nature to want everyone to like everyone else? I was recently told that I have no heart by some of my peers in my critical thinking course, all because my view on the topic we were discussing was different from theirs. It shouldn't matter to me what they think of me, more than likely I will never meet these people face to face or even interact with them after this course, but it bugs me that out there in the world these people have judged me and found me to be guilty of, in their eyes, having no heart. My normal reaction would have been to fire back at them and argue and try to prove that yes huh I have a heart, but I just don't have that fight in me anymore. I feel resigned to the fact that people will always be judgemental and make assumptions based on another's view.

I have tried for my entire life to accept everyone, but those that are so closed minded I just shut down against. I don't get it, my mind can't comprehend being that way. It makes me wonder how they learn? I don't mean that in a condesecnding way, I actually wonder what their thought process is.

Anyway, I know I shouldn't let it get to me and I know that after an hour or so I'll get over it, it's just that in this moment, it hurts my heart. I have too much emotionality (according to my shrink), I tend to use my emotions for everything, but I am learning to actually use the critical thinking skills that I was taught through this

I start my psych class on Monday so that should be interesting...hopefully some of my questions will be answered..the name of the course is "Why we do what we do"

to end on a light note....for your viewing wacky boy


  1. It hurts when anybody says 'you have no heart' and that is not way to have a discussion in any class.

    Your little boy is sooooo adorable. But someday you won't be encouraging the eye rolling (lol). Nope, you will be hearing yourself say, "if you roll those eyes at me one more time..... " You can fill in the dots!!

  2. I tend to find the the people who have the most to say about others, the ones who are judging so much, are, themselves, great big assholes.

    Of course you would get your feelings hurt. Even if you don't really care what they think. It still hurts a little.