Friday, May 8, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

Dear Mom,

I miss you. I think about you everyday, I sometimes go to my phone to call you and I remember I can't, and then I chide myself for not remembering. Sometimes I see you in my dreams, I wish they were happier moments, I know you feel bad for all that you missed, but it's ok. I wonder sometimes if you stop by, Nathen will look off into space and say grandma....I keep thinking that the ache will go away or that it should be easing, but's still there, raw and bleeding. I was going through your things the other night looking at your pictures, I realized that I kind of have your smile, or at least I did when I was your age in the pictures. You were so beautiful and you looked so happy, I wish I could have known that part of you. Thanks by the way for keeping the Mother's Day card that I made for you when I was kid, that was really sweet to find, I never knew you kept those things. I hope you're happy where you are....wish you were here....

Happy Mother's Day mom..Love you

***To my bloggy friends that are moms..Have a very HAPPY Mother's Day!!!***


  1. What a beautiful letter to your mom:) I'm sorry your heart is aching and hope you can find some joy in the day with your little one!

    Pop over to my blog for something special, it is on the post 'On the lighter Side.'

  2. that was moms gone too

  3. I'm catching up here....

    But great letter Mesa.

    Can I tell you that the hardest thing I felt after my fathers death was waking up one night and walking to the phone and not remembering his number and feeling so confused about it. And then it hit me like I had just been told he had died. It hurt my heart in ways I hadn't known yet.

    Hugs to you my sister. Hugs to you.

    Your mom would be so proud that you are such an amazing person. Remember that. It's evident in your son's face and watching him in the videos.