Wednesday, April 29, 2009


I didn't get the job. My brain stupidly forgot that on top of the full time job I had in 2004 I also had 2 part time jobs at the same time so on my application I only put that I had the one job, the thing that irritates me is that HR called to verify my background stuff and when she asked about those part time jobs (which I had only had for a month by the way) I honestly told her I had completely forgotten all about them because they weren't significant. She said it was ok stuff like this happens all the time and then asked about a job I had in 2002 and for a W2 to prove I had worked there because that job wouldn't verify information over the phone, so I searched everywhere for th W2, couldn't find it but I had A LOT of pay stubs from the job so I called her let her know what I had and waited to hear from her so I could bring her the copies....she called back 7 hours later saying she submitted my background info to "upper management" (p.s. she's the SENIOR EMPLOYMENT SPECIALIST FOR THE HIRING TEAM) and they said they were stopping the process because of my forgetfullness, I never got to give her the information she was asking for.

I have a theory about all this and it has nothing to do with my forgetting the past jobs, you see the day that HR questioned me I also spoke to the nurse about my "clearance" from my doctor and she asked me questions about the frequency of doctors visits to my psychiatrist and I told her, to which she answered well I need to speak to the physician on staff about all this and then I'll let you know if you have been "cleared" my mind, it is discrimination, it's too coincidental that this all happened within a day, how can HR go from everything is great just give me this oh nevermind we won't be offering employment now, also according to AZ law they weren't supposed to conduct a pre-employment physical without making an official offer of employment and also they were not supposed to ask about the severity of my illness, so think I have a case?

Technically if they wouldn't have cleared me due to my mental issues then it for sure would have been discrimination so to me they made up this BS excuse to save them from a potential lawsuit! Which I am seriously contemplating's me against the Gecko!.... :)

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  1. Oh, You poor thing. I totally think you are right!!!! Totally think you are right. But may I help you out before you spend a lot of time on this. I'm the HR person in our small office and since you did not put all information down ( which trust me everyone does what you do, heck we all forget those small part time jobs) it is a legal loophole they can use. I am soooo sorry to tell you this because I truly BELIEVE YOU ARE RIGHT but I don't want you spinning your wheels on something I know you are going to have to spend a lot of money on a lawyer to try and prove. Now, if you have the time and money that is your decision but some battles are not worth it. Go find something BETTER, GO GET THE JOB YOU DESERVE!!!!!!
    I really feel for you, it is such bull!!