Friday, April 3, 2009


I am thinking about deleting some of my past posts, I am of the mindset that since I have started a new blog, I should start fresh..what do you think?

I also get to make some heavy duty health changes, so if anyone knows some great recipes that are really healthy that don't include butter (the real kind) and sugar and flour and all the stuff that makes things super 2 diabetes has taken over my body, along with hypothyroidism, so that at least explains why I have THE hardest time losing weight.

So, in honor of my new found healthy life changes I need to get rid of the chocolate chips that are sitting on my counter begging to be baked...anyone care for some cookies? No contest, just whoever wants some cookies let me know and I'll send some your way, I need to get rid of the sugar, flour and chocolate chips... (heart breaking..tears...) Ok enough wallowing!

I will focus on the positive..losing weight and becoming healthier! So, off to stroll through bloggyland now....enjoy your day bloggy friends...

My favorite Blind Melon song..


  1. I've deleted blogs before too - just to clear up some stuff. Anyway - I'm so glad your looking forward to getting healthy!

  2. How in the world could you possibly make cookies and not eat any? I barely get it in the oven because of the dough. I want cookies. I wish you the best at the weight loss and managing your health. I use to find my healthy recipes because you can search by ingredients you don't want in the recipe. Its my secret though. Don't tell :)

  3. Good luck on your new life! I'm having the hardest time with mine which I've started in the name of kidney disease and bringing my sexy back! If you'd like some inspiration (b/c you can see how bad some of us stink at it) feel free to stop by my other blog And, saw you on SITS:)

  4. you don't have to delete the old posts, you can open them to drafts and leave them unpublished, that way you can see your progress and past thoughts.