Thursday, April 30, 2009

A Brighter Outlook

I changed my mind about taking on the Gecko...I was just bitter. I have now changed my view on the situation and see this as a positive. I would have loved to work there, I would have loved the extra money that it would have brought in, but the fact is it's not a dire necessity that I should work, my hubby still has a full time job and it pays well, I just know we can use extra.

The way I see it...someone else can benefit more from that job than I could have. The economy, as we all know, is still not great and there are people that need a great paying job, with benefits. So, in my mind it wasn't meant to be for me to get that job and I know that whoever got it is more deserving, or more in need. Everything does happen for a reason :)


  1. Mesa.....Please forgive me. Your blog doesn't show up in my feed and I kept thinking your weren't posting and then I got majorly sidetracked and then couldn't find your new blog address to check it out in case....

    I MISS YOU GIRL. I'm gonna have to bookmark you on my toolbar so I can click over to it.

    Did I say how I MISS YOU!!


  2. I've been missing you too!

  3. Wow! You are good! I'm not sure I could turn around that quickly. I usually get there but I would have had to do a little more venting, so I am impressed and inspired by you to be so positive about your disappointment!! Good for you:)

  4. Great positive attitude! It's very refreshing! I'm sure something better for you is around the corner.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting!

  5. Can I still think they are jerks and not like them? Because I want to for you!

    You are such a sweetie- they are the ones that are missing out!