Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Do all puppies poop this much? And eat ROCKS?

Our puppy, Tankers, has decided he'd rather poop everywhere- except outside! Every night/morning Mark wakes up to poop in the kennel where he sleeps (not Mark, the puppy..what kind of wife do you think I am! Gosh!) and whats ironic is that he won't poop in the front he poops in the back and most of the time the poop has rocks in it...GROSS! Ok so I'm sure you guys wanted to know all about this right? No? Too bad! I have to vent because it's driving me crazy...oh he also poops under the table and behind chairs! I try to get him outside as much as possible and sometimes it works, but it's mostly night time and early morning and now PUDGE is in heat! Ahhhhhhhh!!! (God, grant me the strength) He really is sooooo cute though...despite all the poop...

They share I swear!

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***I just found this post through SITS and it made me laugh so hard that I had to share it with you! Check it out if you need a laugh too..***


  1. Ugh... Don't even get me started on puppies and their annoying behavior! I still have yet to get mine in control. We're starting puppy kindergarden soon - and if that doesn't help I'm gonna lose it!!!

    Anyway - about the poop in the kennel. If you can put in a divider or SOMETHING to make the kennel a lil bit smaller, he'll stop pooping in there. They only poop in their kennel when there is too much space. They should only have enough room to stand up and turn around and plop back down.

    And the rocks, be glad their passing! lol Try to keep him from eating any more though. If they don't pass, it's surgery!

    Hope he stops pooping everywhere but outside. My girl is almost 9 mo old and still pees everywhere!

  2. Good luck with the poop training. He is very cute!

  3. Okay, see, you just gave me reason #4,278 to NOT get a dog. I don't care what my kids say...I don't care what my sisters say....I am NOT going to get a dog.

  4. Oh it took us about 6 months to train our puppy. Thank GOD it's over.
    Rocks, huh?! Maybe you should ask the Vet about that. Can't that hurt him? Good luck!!

  5. And this is why I will not get a dog LOL