Tuesday, July 15, 2008

New additions

We have been busy the last 12 days, I'll start with the 4th, we tried to go and see fireworks, but it rained...good old monsoon, so we watched the ones on tv in New York :). We have mostly been enjoying hanging out inside since the monsoon is upon us, it's not just hot its HUmid, makes it extra sticky outside. So for fun we have been acquiring new things, such as Mark's new motorcycle! It's a 2005 Suzuki Boulevard and we love it! I finally got to go for a ride over the weekend, I forgot how fun it is.

***I have deleted the stuff about Dita, she is no longer with us, only a few days after getting her she got Parvo, which is deadly to little puppies, especially runts, it was a very sad thing for all of us to go through and she is greatly missed*** However we did get another puppy, she's a 9 week old American Bulldog and extremely healthy and FULL of energy! Her name is Pudge and I'll be posting pictures soon.


  1. Aww sooo cute!! I love little puppies, well actually I love all animals when they are small, it's when they grow up that I would like to trade them in :)

  2. sad... gosh it's a good thing it's not that time of the month. haha hey first off we missed you and Grandma tons on Saturday. Honestly. Second I got a new phone because mine was busted, and I don't have your phone number anymore... so please please email me your numbers!! fhstwinkletoes@aol.com!! Love you and miss you.