Monday, October 19, 2009

Something to pass the time...

I'm off of work today because I am sick and my boy is sick and I was told by the doc to stay away from'm not a leper geez! Anyway, I keep saying that I need to blog more and that I'll start again..and I will I swear. Maybe it will help alleviate my stress..Mark is still not having much luck in the J-O-B department, did you guys know that the economy FING BLOWS! Unless of course you don't mind working for oh 7 an hour...where's the stimulus package? Where's all this supposed turning around of the economy? Last I heard (which was this morning) there have been more layoffs..oh sure the percentage might be down, but that's because there are NO MORE PEOPLE TO LAY OFF, at this rate it'll be the business owners and their secretary running most of the businesses unless of course you're a Wall Street fat cat, then you have job security! Forgive me for ranting but I am just pissed off! So many people suffering..sooo many it's sickening. All I have to look forward to are my Yankees! LET'S GO YANKEES (clap, clap, clap) LET'S GO YANKEES (clap, clap, clap)!!!!! Oh and homework, I have that to look forward to too!


  1. You Should blog more it is wonderful for helping with stress. I love it! I let everyone know up front that I write exactly how I am feeling, so if it is a tough day or week then that is what it is. In addition, I am a venter by 'nature'.

    I enjoy the REAL blogs the best, you can tell they are from the heart.

    Don't apologize for how you feel and your opinions. Others may feel differently or have other opinions but that doesn't mean what you feel or have to say doesn't count!

    There is a lot of suffering going on right now and you need to get that off your chest. There is toooooo much suffering going on and it sucks.

    Now, the only problem I have with you is, I believe you are MICHIGAN fan, Oh, no, that might be the deal breaker. I'm a BUCKEYE and after the sorry weekend my Buckeye's had I'm not sure I can betray them by following you(lol).

    I hope you know I am teasing you!!!

    I do hope things turn around for you and your husband finds a job soooooon.

    Let it out, use your blog and bloggers for support!!!

    Good Luck and hope to see another post soon!!!!!

  2. I'm with Lucy- Michigan? And the Yankees? YUCK!!! Sorry! I hope you feel better and your husband finds a job really soon.