Sunday, June 22, 2008


Tagged By Marylin

A- Attached or Single? Attached :)

B- Best Friend? Samantha and Marylin and too many to list so I'll let the picture do it..

C- Cake or Pie? I love Apple Pie and I love yellow cake with chocolate frosting so its tough to choose :)

D- Day of choice? Sunday- its part of Mark's days off and the day we usually just have hang out together

E- Essential item? Cell phone :)

F- Favorite Color? Blue or green or grey I can't choose just one :)

G- Gummy bears or worms? Bears when I was little, now neither...

H- Hometown? Born and raised in Las Vegas....but now live in Tucson

I- Favorite Indulgence? Starbucks :) and clothes .... I love to shop

J- January or July? January for sure, I hate the heat!

K- Kids? 2 Elissa and Nathen

L- Life isn't complete without? Family and Friends

M- Marriage Date?

October 29, 2005

N-Number of Bro's and Sis's? 2 Sister in those count? Otherwise I'm an only child..

O- Oranges or Apples? Apples especially with cream cheese..yumm

P- Phobias and fears? I am claustrophobic and I am afraid of the dark....

Q- Quote? "Sometimes you get shown the light in the strangest places if you look at it right." Jerry Garcia

R- Reason to smile?

S- Season of choice? Fall

T- Tag ten people?....Ummmmm my cousin Brittany and my mother in law

U- Unknown fact about me? I used to tap dance and be on a drill team...yea this white girl thought she could dance....hehe...

V- Vegetable? Brocolli ( I never know if I'm spelling it right?)

W- Worst habit? Being paranoid that people are always mad at me or that I'm always going to do something to make people mad at

X- X-ray? My jaws and teeth to see how bad my tmj is.....

Y- Your favorite food? Italian, I love my spaghetti and luckily so does Nate

Z- Zodiac sign? Sag


  1. Yay you did it! I love reading those things and I look so tan in that picture!! I guess I need to go back to Hawaii!! :) Love ya

  2. I haven't been on in forever and I am smiling so big right now because I loved reading this and seeing all those pictures! You look great and like you all are having fun! We miss you and love you! Oh....Ali got engaged. Crazy!!